Bradly Dever Treadaway

All Images © 2019
Bradly Dever Treadaway

"The Magic Silver Show" began in the mid 1970’s as a juried exhibition designed to encourage, foster understanding, and reward those involved in photographic media. This exhibition will present a survey of contemporary photo media in all aspects and genres of photography, film, and video. This is an open theme exhibition without restrictions on content that will include still images, film, video, and moving images.

Juror/Curator Statement
The medium of photography, still in its infancy when compared to many other forms of visual art, has by and large remained largely unchanged in terms of it’s mechanical process and practice throughout its nearly 180-year existence. The camera has been accepted as an unflinching eye of honesty, an instrument of documentation that records without prejudice or embellishment. While the camera and photography undeniably excel in truth-telling, a fundamental shift is occurring; the medium is unfolding anew right before our eyes.

With the advent of digital technologies and more accessible, democratic tools of production readily available, today's pioneers of potential and possibility are rewriting the definition of what is considered photography. With endless means to reinterpret the medium, untapped tools for collage, manipulation, appropriation, and presentation, new forms of photography are at our fingertips. In this moment of flux, a challenge to what constitutes the medium is at hand, not unlike the shifts toward abstraction, experimentation and internal sources of expression that emerged within painting and sculpture in the early 20th century. While there remains much room and need to continue the documentary and representational traditions that have largely defined the history of lens-based practice, the future of photography is no longer bound by or defined alone by the recording of truth.

What I aspire to present here, in the The Magic Silver Show: The Elena Diane Curris Juried Photomedia Exhibition, is a selection of images and voices that represent all of what photography has evolved into today. Though diverse in content and motivations, central to each work and included artist is this: a committed sense of dedication and purpose, an internal source of inspiration or investigation and an attempt move the medium and its concepts forward into the 21st century.

Instead of simply filling in the margins of chapters written by our honorable and worthy photographic forefathers and foremothers, the work presented here builds upon their accomplishments and vision. These artists are participants in authoring the next chapter of photographic history.